Judith Audu wrote and produced a Short Film, titled ‘Not Right’ – a flick about domestic violence. After its release, ‘Not Right’ got 6 Best Short Film Nominations, including one at the Africa Movie Viewers’ Choice Awards.

OThe Film became so relatable it got the attention of TVN TV. The Crew flew from Ploland to Lagos produce a week-long documentary on Judith ‘the inspiring’ Audu. Not Right, is still being used as an Educational video by several Non Governmental Oganisations in Africa. 

ThisDay Newspapers calls her the “Queen of make-believe” describing her as “dramatic, creative and inspirational.”

“In movies, she sparkles like twinkling stars in midnight skies.” “[She] has never failed to exude elegance and brilliance either as a movie star or a filmmaker.” “[She] finds acting and filmmaking compelling.” And “She just wants to keep …creating new realities, and keep bringing stories from nothing to life.”

Those are words Thisday Newspaper used to describe Judith Audu, the Best Actress of the Year 2016 at Abuja International Film Festival, the Outstanding Producer of the Year 2018 at Nigeria Achievers’ Awards and the current Best Producer of the Year 2019 at The Intellects’ Giant Awards.


JUDITH AUDU IS CURRENTLY ONF OF NOLLYWOOD’S MOST SOUGHT-AFTER FILMAKERS and this is because of her repeated award-wining successes with every Film she has either produced or directed both.

Judith’s debut Feature Film, Just Not Married was one of the eight Nollywood movies officially selected to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festivals in Canada (one of the biggest Film Festivals in the world).

The movie would be so successful back at home, in Nigeria, it sold-out cinema halls back-to-back for 6 consecutive weeks despite not featuring A-list Actors. This was unprecedented.