Just not Married the Movie – BTS

Judith Audu Production in collaboration with Blacreek Pictures and Asurf Films produced her first Full-Lenght movie titled ‘Just Not Married’ . The movie premiered in May 2016, and went on to do 6 weeks in Cinemas which was considered a major feat as it was the first time a movie without known faces and names will be in cinemas and do so well, then it went on to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2016, and has screened in several film festivals in India, Australia, Nigeria, e.t.c.

The won the award for the Best Nigerian Film 2016 at the Eko International Film Festival, Best Actress at the Abuja International Film Festival and Best of Nollywood Awards 2016, Most Promising Actor at the Best of Nollywood Awards 2016, and 9 other Nominations including Best Supporting Actor for the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2017.

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